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Lance Billings

Lance Billings

Financial Advisor

As a child, I remember watching my father come home from his full-time job, get a bite to eat and maybe play a little ball with us kids. Then, he would grab his old briefcase and head over to a neighbor’s house to do their income taxes. Eventually, as his business grew, he set up an office in our house. Watching my father help people with their taxes and their money drove my interest in financial planning.

Another value I learned from watching my father is to always keep Christ first, family second and business third. He also taught me to appreciate the opportunity to build relationships with the families we were blessed to work with.

My father’s example along with the support of my wife — who actually worked with me for the first eight years I was in business — drove me to pursue a career as a financial advisor. It was the path I was meant to take and today I am deeply rewarded by helping people plan for and achieve their lifelong financial and personal goals.

Susan and I have seven children and nine grandchildren. We adopted two of our children from China and they still live at home with us. I believe life is a blessing and that we should appreciate each day, love Jesus and go fishing.